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The INDIAN SHEET STEEL BUILDING GROUP (ISSBG) is part of the International Zinc Association India, an industry association with its registered office in New Delhi. The ISSBG was officially launched in June 2013 to bring together steel manufacturers, fabricators of building products, and engineering professionals engaged in the design of cold formed sheet steel components.

The objective of ISSBG is to be India’s foremost authority on sheet steel, its products, and its many applications. We are an industry group responsible for the development and dissemination of industry standards. As a source for technical information and publications, we provide expert guidance to the general public and sheet steel manufacturers alike. Our overall mission is to lead the advancement of sheet steel as the most durable and reliable building material on the market today.

Sheet Steel Makes A Difference

The ISSBG can help turn design visions into realities. Sheet steel products have significant advantages over other building products, often providing more strength and immediate cost savings.  ISSBG provides the technical guidance architects, designers, engineers, and builders need to achieve structurally sound and ambitious designs with steel. Engineered sheet steel products are reliable with incomparable accuracy. Depending upon the application, sheet steel products may also be supplied with advanced metallic and paint finishes to enhance their durability, provide water tightness, and more.

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Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems (PEMB)
Pre-fabricated, custom-engineered steel buildings

Steel Building Products (SBP)
Steel roofing and cladding; steel roof and floor decking; cladding for agricultural and light commercial applications

Lightweight Steel Framing (LSF)
Cold-formed sheet steel framing members

Residential Steel Roofing (RSR)
Low maintenance residential roofing with long life cycles

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More About ISSBG

The ISSBG is an industry group, not a manufacturer of sheet steel building products. If you wish to contact a manufacturer regarding steel building product availability, pricing and/or colours, please contact one of our members.

ISSBG Mailing Address and Inquiries

G-1 & G-5, Ground Floor
Allied Bhawan, Local Shopping Centre
New Delhi-110062
Mobile Phone: +91 9910299297
Office Phone: +91-11-29960040

For General inquiries, Email us at: rsharma@zinc.org
For technical inquiries, Email us at: kdesouza@bell.net

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If you would like more specific information or are interested in being contacted by one of our Members, please complete the form below. If you are looking for general information on Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, Steel Building Products, Lightweight Steel Framing, or Residential Steel Roofing, referer to Technical Library above.

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